• Finish grading student critiques
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • Drink tea while reading The New Yorker
  • Work on the verses of a new song I’m writing
  • Listen to Jenny Lewis albums on repeat until nightfall

Monday Morning

Reviewing student work and listening to Motown.  Tonight’s dinner already simmering in the crock pot.  Wearing my favorite sweatshirt for the first time this fall.

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You receive a letter in the mail.  It’s from an unknown person.  He’s writing to inform you that while you were growing up, he secretly collected all the ephemera of your youth (candy wrappers you doodled on, spelling tests, coloring book pages, bookmarks, everything you put your child hands on). It’s all in a vast storage unit in a town two states away.  The letter contains a train ticket, an address, and a key. 

Facebook needs to think about line breaks.

Facebook needs to think about line breaks.

"Writing a novel, in an unplanned and unpredictable way, makes you engaged; it takes you into yourself, and it becomes something between you and the character for a moment…I love those moments, because they are completely unbidden."

— David Bezmozgis (via mttbll)

(Source: logger.believermag.com, via mttbll)